Platts PowerVision


Platts PowerVision is an online tool, that provides you with up-to-date European power & gas infrastructure data, market prices and supply & demand data.


  • — Build supply models, illustrate and document market trends
  • — Track new power plant projects, conversions and rerates, scheduled retirements, M&A
  • — Maintain a complete picture of installed and planned generation capacity, and power & gas transportation infrastructure
  • — Access long time series of price data for market monitoring and analysis
  • — Analyse plant behavior, and production and demand trends with granular generation and demand data
View at a glance for one or several countries or companies


  • — European power plant data optimized for intuitive querying and aggregate profiling in interactive online reports.
  • — European power & gas infrastructure map application extends online charting capabilities to create quick cartographic representations of European power and gas infrastructure for analysis and presentation.
  • — Market prices
    • • View the entire history of Platts OTC assessments for European electricity, gas, coal and CO2 markets.
    • • Compare markets and forward contracts in customizable charts over a chosen period
    • • Access day ahead price and volume data from European power exchanges - viewed at hourly, daily, weekly or monthly granularities
  • — Supply and Demand Reports for UK and Italy
Visual charts and pivot reports, allowing on-the-fly creation of aggregate data profiles