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Platts European Power Daily provides a unique combination of news and pricing information and updates on new policies, projects, power deals, acquisitions, solicitations, alliances, regulatory decisions and evolving trading markets in Europe. latest electricity industry news.

Exclusive to Power in Europe subscribers is access to the, first to market, Platts Guarantees of Origin assessments – EU Wind and Nordic Hydro.


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  • — Stay current on market and industry events, with daily updated data and insight, delivered straight to your inbox
  • — Make better investment and contract decisions, effectively manage your risk exposure, and improve your hedging opportunities, with increased visibility of numerous European power markets, including the previously ambiguous Turkish power market
  • — Save time and make competitive decisions, with access to comprehensive coverage of the market, including industry-standard Market-on-Close assessments
  • — Confidently negotiate spot deals. with access to an independent and impartial set of reference prices


  • — Platts forward and spot assessments for the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Poland, France, Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain, plus spot assessments for Switzerland – also NEW Guarantees of Origin assessments
  • — Daily forward curves for German dark spreads and German clean dark spreads
  • — Platts PEP and Conti indexes
  • — Daily exchange summaries
  • — Platts cross fuel comparisons
  • — Coal prices
  • — Emissions prices, including assessments of the full EUA and CER curve, exchange data, and exclusive emissions content
  • — Comprehensive weather forecasts
  • — A Turkish power supplement that includes month-ahead baseload assessments, market coverage, steel prices, Turkish thermal coal, competitive fuels, LNG deliveries, Turkish spark and dark spreads, and a weather summary with precipitation data across the country that pinpoints which areas will receive the most rainfall

Market Data – Electric Power

The price data listed in European Power Daily are also available in data-point format for easy import and analysis. This is the most efficient, most reliable way to receive our industry-standard benchmark assessments.

For a modest additional cost, upgrade your subscription to include Market Data – Electric Power and you will have access to the latest electric power price assessments in data-point format. Market Data – Electric Power also provides you with end-of-day assessments, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database for key assessments. For further information, please contact us

Archive Access

Gain access to past articles from every issue we have on file for European Power Daily. This valuable resource will allow you to search for and analyze useful information and create your own customized reference on issues that interest you. You'll always find what you're looking for, because our archives are easily searchable—just enter key words, company names, a date range, or an industry, and specify which publications you wish to search.

Multiple-user subscriptions

Many clients purchase multiple subscriptions to ensure their entire staff has access to Platts information. We'll work with you to make certain our distribution methods meet your specific needs. For details, contact your nearest Platts office.