Electricity Alert

Platts Electricity Alert brings real-time electric industry information to subscribers that can't afford to wait for critical price and market data. Our extensive team of seasoned reporters delivers up-to-the-minute market intelligence – from power plant outages and supply deals, to mergers and regulatory decisions that affect North American markets.


  • — Hedge your positions and act with greater confidence, with real-time monitoring of spot market transactions
  • — Make more profitable buying and selling decision, with comprehensive weather and heating degree-day forecasts
  • — Gain comprehensive market coverage, including real-time news, exclusive breaking stories on power deals, regulation and other market events impacting your business.
Stay ahead of your competition, with access to the latest deals and bid/ask information gathered by our price reporting team


  • — News and market coverage of the North American electric power industry, including regulatory developments, by the largest editorial team dedicated to electricity reporting
  • — Real-time electricity spot market transactions reported as deals are done
  • — Regular reports on market-moving developments such as nuclear-plant outage schedules and weather
  • — Unbiased price indexes and ranges from the same editors of Platts Global Power Report and Platts Megawatt Daily
  • — Up-to-the-minute market commentary and analysis identifying and explaining market movements
  • — Daily assessments of regional markets and weekly off-peak and on-peak prices in the following regions:
    • — ERCOT(all 4 zones)
    • — West: 8 locations, including Palo Verde, NP15, and SP15
    • — Southeast, 5 locations, including Southern
    • — Northeast, 5 locations, including Mass Hub
    • — Mid-Atlantic, 4 locations, including PJM West
Midwest, 5 locations, including Cinergy