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S&P Global Commodity Insights Energy Transition Analytics defines and tracks the critical assumptions behind our worldwide oil, gas and overall energy projections with a focus on our medium and longer-term outlooks for balances, prices and emissions.

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Top 10 Benefits

1. Find analytics, news and prices related to the Energy Transition all in one seamless Platts Platform experience.

2. With over 15 years of experience in the Energy Transition, navigate this evolving market with confidence with a source of market information you trust.

3. Stay connected to the latest prices and market news from your desktop, tablet or smartphone with your personalized dashboard and interactive mobile app.

4. Platts Future Energy Outlooks (FEO) provide thought leadership, research and analysis of the future of energy. Our team of analysts is dedicated to understanding the spatial and temporal nuances of the Energy Transition.

5. Access dedicated analysis and research on key themes, technologies and fuels related to the Energy Transition.

6. Use the market leading Global Integrated Energy Model (GIEM) to explore the future of energy with unparalleled detail across 143 countries, 9 end-use sectors and 30 fuel types.

7. Visualize price trends and act on opportunities and risks using the informative pricing charts and grids depicting historic & current market activity.

8. React to market impacting events by using insights from Platts Analytics across all corners of the commodities and energy spectrum.

9. Keep abreast of the fast-evolving Energy Transition story with responsive thought leadership, special reports and market engagement (conferences, webinars, key presentations).

10. Seize time-critical opportunities with access to pricing information for nascent markets entering the activation phase.

Platts Future Energy Outlooks

Platts Future Energy Outlooks (FEO) delivers a pragmatic view of the long-term trajectory of energy and commodity markets, rich insights about the interconnected nature of technology, policy and consumer preference to explain what tradeoffs are likely and what the world will look like when they occur. FEO offers insights into the different pathways around the Energy Transition and achieving long term climate goals to monitor opportunities and risks in this rapidly changing space.

Platts Global Integrated Energy Model

The Global Integrated Energy Model provides users with a practical and customizable tool to study the evolution of the global energy system. Containing all components of integrated balances, the Global Integrated Energy Model is used to compute long-term energy prices under various scenarios. This is an ideal tool for energy industry leaders, strategic planners, and investors across a range of commodities (oil, gas & power, renewables, hydrogen and others).

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