Platts Agriculture Alert

Platts Agriculture Alert allows you to quickly react to changing conditions in grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils, animal feed & protein and sugar markets, with breaking news and an end-of-the-day price service.


  • — Negotiate confidently on spot deals with your counterparties with access to an independent and impartial set of reference prices
  • — Gain a rounded picture of market activity to support your investment decisions
  • — Get more than a sense of where the market is trading on a particular day so that you can benchmark your own data against ours
  • — Gain an additional level of confidence with the knowledge of how we arrived at a particular price before you approach your counterparty or enter it into your models
  • — Minimize risk on your exposure through monitoring of historical trends and identification of future trading patterns
  • — Learn the 'why' behind any price/market shifts
  • — Save time to act on any newly-identified trends or patterns


  • — Approximately 40 daily spot and futures prices for the most commonly traded grades and locations
  • — Daily news
  • — Reported bids, offers and trades
  • — Assessment rationales
  • — Monthly averages
  • — Historical data
  • — Access to reports