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  • What is Asian Methanol price assessment?
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What is Asian Methanol price assessment?

As well as the daily CFR China methanol assessment, Platts assesses the daily CFR Southeast Asia ($/mt) spot methanol reflecting cargoes for delivery 20-40 days forward from the date of publication, with cargo size within 2,000-5,000 mt. Quality specifications are minimum purity of 99.85%; maximum water content of 0.1% by total weight; maximum ethanol content of 50 parts per million (ppm).

Price assessments are complemented by a daily commentary and rationale, which explain how the price assessment is reached and delves into the market fundamentals observed through the day.

How we assess Asian Methanol price

Platts assessments are based on market information, including, but not limited to, firm bids and offers, and trades reported to the editor up to the close of business (4.30 pm Singapore time).

All the information used to inform the assessment is published transparently on Platts' platforms as "heards". An assessment rationale is published explaining what the assessments are and how they have been reached.

A daily market commentary accompanies the price assessments and rationale, which highlights the most important trends that have affected the markets that day and provides insight into what the market expects over the coming weeks.

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