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  • The Evolution Of Lithium Carbonate Price Assessment
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The Evolution Of Lithium Carbonate Price Assessment

The growth of electric vehicles, driven by a shift in global policy with a stronger focus on more environmentally-friendly transportation, has led to governments starting to phase out the internal combustion engine in favor of EVs. This has resulted in increased demand for metals needed to produce the batteries that power EVs.

The launch of a battery grade lithium carbonate price assessment comes on the back of consistent and growing market demand for more transparent pricing information.

What is the Platts Lithium Carbonate Assessment?

S&P Global Commodity Insights launched a weekly Lithium Carbonate CIF North Asia assessment on May 4, 2018. The assessment is timestamped to 4:30pm Singapore time and is published on Fridays.

The assessment reflects lithium carbonate with standard battery grade quality of minimum 99.5% lithium content. Other qualities are considered and normalized back to S&P Global Commodity Insights base standard specification, subject to prevailing market differentials. All origins of lithium carbonate are taken into consideration in the assessment. Price points are drawn from key importing ports in China, Japan and South Korea.

The delivery window under assessment is 15 to 60 days from the date of publication. Standard tonnage reflected in this assessment is 5-40 mt and the assessment is in $/mt.

How We Assess Lithium Carbonate Prices

S&P Global Commodity Insights coverage of the lithium carbonate market is led by a global team across three offices: Singapore, Sao Paulo and London. These regions cover the key supply and consumption hubs for lithium carbonate.

Commodity Insights collects data from market participants across the full supply chain, allowing us to produce a balanced assessment of price by engaging with suppliers, traders and consumers of all size and scale.

All of the information considered in the assessment is published to ensure full transparency into the calculation methods and processes used.

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