Price Assessment

Platts CARBEX Carbon Credit Indices (powered by Viridios AI)

  • What are CARBEX Carbon Credit Indices?
  • How do Platts and Viridios generate CARBEX Indices?

What are CARBEX Carbon Credit Indices?

In partnership with Viridios AI, Platts is publishing six 'CARBEX' carbon credit indices. The six indices reflect the value of different types of voluntary carbon credits and enhance market transparency in the complex voluntary carbon credit and co-benefit markets.

Co-benefits are terms attached to carbon credits that provide evidence of meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, defined by the United Nations General Assembly.

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How do Platts and Viridios generate CARBEX Indices?

Viridios AI has developed artificial intelligence software that generates current values for a range of carbon credits, based on historic relationships between a broad data set of carbon credit transactions and related commodity prices.

Viridios' AI software is trained using Platts commodity data, in addition to Viridios' extensive database of carbon credit transaction data. It then generates daily Carbon Index Prices for explicitly defined parameters based on daily inputs of current related commodity prices.

The AI's output differs from a traditional price assessment, which relies on bids, offers and trade data. Instead, the AI generates daily indices that reflect current market prices for specific project types that carry defined sets of SDG co-benefits.