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Platts EuGO: European Guarantees of Origin assessments

  • What are Guarantees of Origin?
  • Why utilize Platts Guarantees of Origin assessments?
  • Key Features
  • How could these prices benefit your company?
  • How does S&P Global Commodity Insights derive their Guarantees of Origin Assessments?

What are Guarantees of Origin?

Known as Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in Europe, these are quite simply electronic certificates that prove the electricity bought and consumed by an end-user comes from a certain type of generation i.e. renewable source. (The equivalent market in the US is Renewable Energy Certificates).

The value of a GO is the premium an electricity consumer is willing to pay for the attributes of electricity generated from a renewable source when compared to undisclosed electricity (usually a mix of fossil fuel, nuclear and renewable).

One GO certificate corresponds to 1 MWh of generation.
GOs' are traded on spot and forward contracts in OTC markets on a voluntary basis.

A GO is physically used, or consumed via the cancellation process, which is the method of allocating specific electricity to a single end-user. Cancelling a GO from the relevant national registry is the only way to remove a GO from the market and redeem its benefits. This is effectively the physical use or consumption of a GO.

Why utilize Platts Guarantees of Origin assessments?

The issue with the electricity market is that it is impossible to follow physical flows of electricity from their source all the way to the end-consumer. A power plant, whether it is a gas, coal, nuclear, wind or hydro plant, generates power and sends it into the grid for distribution to end-users. It is simply impossible to track the flow of electrons.

GOs are detached from the physical electricity at the point of production and traded separately from electricity before being 'reattached' at point of consumption. This is an efficient accounting system for energy origin and prevents double counting.

If you are a Renewable producer, portfolio company, operate a green desk at a utility, manage Environmental Social Governance policy at a large corporate company, or a trader, broker or originator you will increasingly relied upon to demonstrate green credentials. S&P Global Commodity Insights is the first truly independent source of daily GO pricing underpinned by a robust methodology with compliance to IOSCO principles.

Platts Guarantees of Origin assessments by S&P Global Commodity Insights provide to the market a robust, independent price assessment that supports mark-to-market and when there is a need to use as a settlement mechanism in contracts. These assessments can also help customers leverage arbitrage opportunities, manage and hedge risks and make better and informed trading and planning decisions.

Key Features

  • Daily price assessments for the most liquid key bulk GO products, Nordic Hydro and EU Wind
  • Daily market commentaries and market 'heards' or price indications
  • Price data available via Platts real-time European Power Alert newswire and in European Power Daily newsletter

How could these prices benefit your company?

  • Trade at price levels that are in sync with other market participants by having the latest GO price assessments always to hand
  • Develop an inherently strong pricing and business strategy by referencing daily and historical spot and contract price assessments
  • Write contracts and negotiate transactions with confidence by understanding price drivers and fluctuations

How does S&P Global Commodity Insights derive their Guarantees of Origin Assessments?

S&P Global Commodity Insights assesses Platts Guarantees of Origin Assessments in Europe following a thorough methodology.

The assessments are compiled using market data collected from active market participants (including traders, brokers, utilities etc.) contacted on a daily basis. This information is then published as 'market heards' via our real-time service, European Power Alerts (EPA). These market heards contain as many details as possible about the bids, offers and trades but also any other type of market information that might interest the market. These market heards are published in order to ensure market participants can react to, and scrutinize, market information being considered in the assessment process.

For more details about our standards please refer to European Electricity Assessments and Indices.

EU Wind and Nordic Hydro Guarantees of Origin assessments are available on EPA as well as the European Power Daily publication.