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What is happening to Russian oil flows ahead of EU sanctions?

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COP27: Advancing Climate Objectives Amidst Conflict

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Spotlight shifts to Asia as EU ban on Russian crude comes into force

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Europe set for renewed scramble for diesel barrels following Russia sanctions

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The path forward for Dated Brent

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Listen: What is happening to Russian oil flows ahead of EU sanctions?

  • Featuring
  • John Morley    Robert Perkins    David Lewis    Virginie Malicier
  • Commodity
  • Energy Oil Shipping
  • Length
  • 16:39
  • Topic
  • Europe Energy Price Crisis War in Ukraine

How has the Ukraine war already impacted Russian crude oil and refined products flows? What will happen once EU and UK sanctions fully kick in? How will European countries replace the missing supply from Russia?

In this episode of the Platts Oil Markets podcast, S&P Global Commodity Insights editors Robert Perkins, Virginie Malicier and David Lewis discuss with John Morley what has already changed in the oil markets since February 24 and the expected impact of upcoming sanctions, from the ban on exports of Russian crude oil to Europe and the US for any loading after December 5, to the ban on exports of oil products into Europe from Feb. 5 and the shipping insurance ban from December as well.

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