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It's been a perfect storm for Midwest gasoline supply

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Listen: It's been a perfect storm for Midwest gasoline supply

  • Featuring
  • Anna Trier    Debnil Chowdhury
  • Commodity
  • Oil
  • Length
  • 22:02

Though summer driving season is already in the rearview mirror, gasoline differentials in the US Midwest and West Coast apparently haven't gotten the memo. A flurry of planned and unplanned refinery outages in both regions have pressured already-tight supply dynamics as the rest of the world scrambles to secure gasoline supply.

S&P Global Commodity Insights gasoline reporter Anna Trier speaks with Debnil Chowdhury, Americas Head of Refining and Marketing at SPGCI, about how refinery issues catapulted Chicago gasoline differentials to all-time highs and what relief, if any, is on the horizon for Midwest production.

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