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Is the bionaphtha market ready to soar as European biorefining booms?

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Listen: Is the bionaphtha market ready to soar as European biorefining booms?

  • Featuring
  • Francesco Di Salvo    Vinicius Eduardo Maffei    Aly Blakeway    Simone Burgin
  • Commodity
  • Energy Energy Transition Oil Petrochemicals
  • Length
  • 12:02
  • Topic
  • Biofuels and Energy Emissions and Carbon Intensity Energy Transition

The European bionaphtha market is starting to gain traction as the number of available feedstocks increases and demand for cleaner alternatives grows. Limited supply capacity has kept prices high, but production is set to increase amid a boom in biorefinery construction in the region. As a result, more trading opportunities will become available, along with the potential for a liberalized and transparently priced market.

In this episode of the Platts Oil Markets podcast, London-based oil price reporters Vinicius Maffei, Simone Burgin and Aly Blakeway join Francesco Di Salvo to discuss the development of bionaphtha, as well as SAF and biopropane markets, as Europe leads the way in alternative fuels.

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