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Platts Founded

Platts is founded by the journalist Warren C. Platt who starts a monthly news magazine, National Petroleum News (NPN). This publication provides essential insights to the oil industry and helps investors leverage that intelligence into smart investment decisions.


Launch of Platts Oilgram

Warren C. Platt launches Platts Oilgram, a daily newsletter devoted to reporting prices and market information. The newsletter keeps people up to date with the latest oil industry news and commentaries.


Platts established as a global benchmark

Standard Oil, Royal Dutch Shell and Anglo-Persian Oil base an oil transaction on Platts published U.S. Gulf Coast prices plus freight, establishing Platts as a global benchmark.


Acquired by the McGraw Hill Companies

The McGraw Hill Companies acquires Platts publishing venture.


Platts enters the shipping market with Channel Port Index


Platts launches Marketscans

In 1974, Platts launched telex-delivered daily reports in the form of Marketscans, the precursor to ‘real-time' news delivery.


Expansion into the petrochemical markets

Launch of Platts European PetrochemicalScan.


Platts starts assessing Dated Brent

This goes on to become the biggest global oil benchmark.


Market on Close oil price assessment launches in Asia

Platts Market on Close oil price assessment process launches for the first time in Asia.


Platts acquires Metals Week

In 1994, Platts acquired Metals Week, and launched a real-time Platts Metals Alert.


Platts acquires FT Energy

Becomes the primary provider of U.S. gas and power daily benchmarks.


Platts acquires CBI Research’s Energy Conference Business

Increases its energy and metals conferences to 50 per annum.


Platts eWindow launched

Platts enhances the efficiency of Platts Market on Close oil price assessment process with an online communications tool, Platts Editorial Window (eWindow).


Platts celebrates 100 year anniversary

In 2009, Platts celebrates a century of bringing transparency and efficiency to markets via its news, information, data and services.


Platts launches daily LNG price assessments, starting with Platts JKM™

Platts Japan Korea Market (JKM) is considered the global reference for LNG pricing.


Acquisitions of Bentek Energy, Steel Business Briefing and its pricing unit, and The Steel Index

Establishing Platts leadership in natural gas market fundamentals and metals, respectively.


Platts acquires Kingsman

Gaining a leadership position in sugar and a foothold in agriculture.


Platts acquires Eclipse Energy Group

A London-based provider of data and analysis on the European gas, power and LNG markets.


Platts acquires Petromedia and MVS

Expanding Platts footprint in shipping and metals analytics.


McGraw Hill Financial becomes S&P Global

In the process, Platts becomes S&P Global Platts. This rebranding unifies the company's offerings under one recognizable brand to provide investors with the essential intelligence they need to make decisions with conviction.


Acquisitions of Commodity Flow, RigData and PIRA

Developing out S&P Global Platts global analytical capabilities.


S&P Global Platts and IHS Markit combine to become S&P Global Commodity Insights