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Is oil price volatility dead? (Spoiler: No.)

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37th Asia Pacific Petroleum (APPEC 2021)

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US oil, gas rig count drops for first time this year, losing 11 rigs

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Stirred by futures crash, USGC crude pricing gains transparency

Listen: Is oil price volatility dead? (Spoiler: No.)

Sanctions have been imposed and reimposed, US oil production continues to shatter records, but WTI and Brent prices have yet to blink.

Are the days of oil climbing over $100 or below $30/b over?

On today's podcast, Ed Morse, Citigroup's global head of commodities research, and John Auers, executive vice president of Turner, Mason & Company, talk about the impact of sanctions on Venezuela and Iran, the shortage of heavy sour crude in the US Gulf Coast and whether price volatility has become a relic of market history.