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12 May 2021

Global thermal, coal-fired generation rebound at odds with accelerating net zero pledges

While momentum from policy makers around emissions reductions has been gathering pace, with over 46 countries announcing long-term net zero pledges so far, accounting for about 70% of total electricity power demand, the reality is that short-term energy markets are moving in the opposite direction as global thermal and coal-fired generation are increasing across key markets


10 May 2021

Commodity Tracker: 5 charts to watch this week

European renewable output could be bolstered by solar additions this summer, while the global problem of gas flaring comes to the fore. Also in this week's tracker: steel and raw materials trends in the US and Europe, and S Korean naphtha imports. 1. Europe’s thermal generation recovery hides renewables upside What’s happening? European wind power generation in April ended a five-month decline in a year-on-year comparison after exceptionally strong wind speeds last winter


07 May 2021

Sentiment keeps swelling global grains prices, but uncertainty remains

Global grain prices saw an unprecedented price rally during 2020 as the world grappled with the coronavirus pandemic, which gave rise to challenges and fears never seen before. Amid the widespread uncertainty and crumbling economies, demand for all major commodities fell due to drawn-out lockdowns


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