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22 Apr 2021

Fuel for Thought: Energy security omens returning to haunt oil market

Energy security concerns are bubbling beneath the surface as the global oil market seems to be entering into the early stages of recovery from the pandemic. While OPEC+ can provide the necessary crude as demand recovers in the near term, there may be a lack of firepower from the rest of the oil-producing fraternity further down the line. But the recent rise in oil prices could be just what the world needs


20 Apr 2021

Stirred by futures crash, USGC crude pricing gains transparency

Now a year removed from the April 20, 2020 price collapse of WTI futures into deeply negative territory, the center of gravity for physical crude pricing in the US continues to shift to the Gulf Coast. Last spring, the crude market was reeling from a near-overnight destruction of refining demand


19 Apr 2021

Commodity Tracker: 4 charts to watch this week

In oil markets, variation in air travel activity between regions suggests jet fuel demand recovery has some way to go, while on the supply side, US rig counts and capital discipline are indicators to watch. Plus, big themes in EU and US gas. 1. China, US lead air travel revival as clouds hang over other key jet markets What’s happening? In the US, the world's biggest economy and jet fuel market, domestic flights have rebounded sharply since the start of the year and stand at...


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