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ESG Insider

Get the inside track on the ESG issues shaping the business world today.

ESG Insider is a podcast from S&P Global that takes you inside the environmental, social & governance issues shaping the business world today. Each episode, co-hosts Lindsey Hall and Esther Whieldon interview ESG experts, leveraging S&P Global data to shine a light on the sustainability opportunities and risks that business leaders and investors need to know about. Lindsey Hall is Head of ESG Thought Leadership at S&P Global and Esther Whieldon is a Senior Writer on the team.


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Energy Evolution

Explore the ways the energy industry is changing and what that means for you.

Co-hosts Dan Testa, Allison Good and Taylor Kuykendall talk to leading experts from the energy and finance fields and break down the trends that policy makers, traders and industry professionals need to know about. The team uses the reporting firepower and data resources of S&P Global Market Intelligence to tackle the big issues of the day and changes on the horizon. Dan, Allison and Taylor are veteran journalists with broad expertise covering the utility, oil and gas and mining sectors.


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S&P Global Ratings – Beyond the Buzz

Dive into hot topics across the sustainable finance landscape.

In this podcast by S&P Global Ratings, co-hosts Corinne Bendersky and Michael Ferguson help to demystify Environmental, Social, and Governance concepts and bring unique insights from ratings analysts and subject matter experts around the world.

More Beyond the Buzz


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Platts Future Energy

Get a closer read on energy transition, de-carbonization and future energy sources.

In this podcast by S&P Global Platts, we bring you market insights on energy transition, tomorrow’s fuels and energy sources, and the implications for commodity markets, from oil to power to metals.