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Beyond ESG with Climate Stress Testing: Getting Practical at Banks & Insurers

Thursday, July 29, 2021
1 Hour

Climate change has become an important strategic issue for global financial institutions as concern grows about lending to, investing in, or insuring companies that are failing to take steps to transition to a low-carbon economy. Stress testing aims to address several key areas for banks and insurers, including asset level counterparty modelling and the financial impact on loan and investment portfolios. 

Join S&P Global Sustainable1 for the next episode in our 'Beyond ESG' webinar series to discover the critical practical steps banks and insurers need to take to explore the two key risks arising from climate change, according to the Bank of England framework:

  • Transiton risk: the risks arising from the significant structural changes to the economy needed to achieve net zero emissions
  • Physical risk: the risks associated with higher global temperatures

S&P Global Sustainable1's 'Beyond ESG' webinar series focuses on providing corporate and investors with the tools and insights they need when building and refining their ESG playbooks. Featuring interviews and discussions with experts, decision-makers, and visionaries in the ESG community, these webinars will go beyond ratings and scores to help see the possibilities in building a sustainable future while meeting the expectations of an evolving market. 

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S&P Global Contributor
Lynn Bachstetter is a Senior Director and the Global Head of Insurance Solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence. Full Bio


S&P Global Contributor
Giorgio leads the Analytical Development Group, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Credit Risk Solutions. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Steven Bullock leads the ESG Innovation and Solutions Team at S&P Global Sustainable1. Full Bio

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