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ESG Solutions

Providing essential data requires that we go beyond the balance sheet. Our ESG solutions offer financially relevant analytics and timely data to assess risk, uncover opportunities and inform long term sustainable growth.

Essential ESG data, analytics and research to help you make decisions with conviction.


"Our conviction on ESG is this - we believe in it, we practice its principles & we are continuously evolving our products to include it."

The world looks towards
S&P Global for comprehensive ESG data and insights.

  • Our ESG evaluation provides a comprehensive assessment for investors on ESG-related risks and opportunities, as well as a qualitative opinion on an entity’s long-term ESG preparedness.

  • Our ESG data and analytics assess the performance of companies and investment portfolios against financially material metrics to uncover market opportunities.

  • Our indices allow clients to benchmark multiple ESG perspectives–from environmental and socially responsible investing to targeted low carbon and sustainability investment themes.

  • Our customized energy scenario planning and detailed analysis on the forces affecting ESG offers long-term supply and demand outlooks and possible pathways for a low carbon transition.

  • Our Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) is an annual evaluation of companies’ sustainability performance that powers S&P Global ESG Scores and our Corporate Benchmarking activities.

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By The Numbers
  • 130

    Regions tracked by our Carbon Pricing Tool

  • 150+

    Headline ESG indices that assess companies on environmental impact, social impact and corporate governance

  • 1,000

    Granular data points captured from engaging directly with companies through the CSA as part of ESG data collection processes

  • 14,000+

    Companies covered under Trucost Analysis

Essential Intelligence for a changing world.

With our global footprint, years of experience & breadth of capabilities, we’re here to help you form a clear picture of the world’s markets so you can make decisions with conviction.

Research & Commentary

Insightful and actionable perspectives on events shaping the ever-changing financial and commodity landscape.

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Key economic benchmarks that provide transparency across global credit, debt, equity and commodities markets.

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Credit Ratings

Trusted global credit ratings to project creditworthiness and help investors make informed decisions.

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