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A respite without a resolution for commodity markets after initial US-China trade deal

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Listen: A respite without a resolution for commodity markets after initial US-China trade deal

An initial trade agreement between the US and China signed by officials from both countries January 15 could change the landscape for commodities markets that have been roiled by punishing tit-for-tat tariffs over the last 18 months.

The latest installment of the S&P Global Platts Commodities Focus podcast takes a renewed look at the situation involving trade flows for the LNG, crude, petrochemicals, metals and agriculture sectors, as well as the impact on broader economic fundamentals.

Joining in the discussion and analysis from Houston are senior natural gas writer Harry Weber, head of Americas gas news Joe Fisher, and global market lead for petrochemicals Kristen Hays. Also taking part from New York are Pete Meyer, senior adviser, agriculture commodities, S&P Global Platts Analytics; and Chris van Moessner, editor, petroleum news, Platts.

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