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Listen: A conversation with Enterprise: Going all in on upstream petrochemicals

Enterprise Products Partners co-CEO Jim Teague, and Chris D'Anna, senior vice president of petrochemicals, discuss the energy storage and transportation titan's push into upstream petrochemicals that will feed growing plastics demand over the next decade.

The company is a key delivery point for physically settled futures markets, with global hydrocarbon risk management from the wellhead to waterborne markets. Enterprise's reach includes 50,000 miles of natural gas liquids, crude oil, natural gas and refined products pipelines as well as 260 million barrels of NGLs, crude, refined products and petrochemicals storage. Petrochemicals is not new to Enterprise, but the company is expanding that reach with export growth, storage and olefin production facilities, including serious consideration of a cracker that could serve downstream plastics producers.

Kristen Hays, S&P Global Platts' global market lead for polymers, recently sat down with Teague and D'Anna to discuss the company's growing focus on petrochemicals.

This Commodities Focus podcast was produced by Jennifer Pedrick in Houston.

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