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Listen: EPRI sets sights on finding an energy molecule to fuel a decarbonized future

The UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, has been hailed as the world's best last chance to get a handle on the climate crisis. In the US, groups like the Electric Power Research Institute are working on climate solutions and advancing energy technologies to meet increasingly ambitious decarbonization goals set by companies and governments. As part of that effort, EPRI, along with its natural gas counterpart, launched the Low-Carbon Resources Initiative, an international R&D collaborative aimed at finding an energy carrier suitable for a decarbonized, sustainable future.

Senior editor Jasmin Melvin spoke with Neva Espinoza, EPRI's vice president of energy supply and low-carbon resources, about the organization's work on deep decarbonization and progress towards deployment of low-carbon fuels of the future.

Stick around after the interview for Chris van Moessner with the Market Minute, a look at near-term oil market drivers.

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