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Adapting to the Future Climate Risk Scenario Analysis for Evolving Market Needs and Regulations

November 21, 2023
12:00 AEDT | 14:00 NZT

Climate change has created a need to evaluate the impact of climate risk (and opportunities) on one’s counterparties, such as borrowers, issuers or those within the supply chain. As such, scenario analysis may be considered as a strategic tool to construct plausible pathways and analyze how resilient one’s current business model and strategy would be if it was placed within these scenarios. More recently FMA’s Climate Related Disclosures manager, Jenika Phipps acknowledged that this is a new concept and has provided guidance to the market1.

Join us in this webinar as we explore challenges and solutions to address these requirements, including the need to prepare for the unknown by building in structure, consistency and flexibility in the approach to scenario analysis. 

Topics will include: 

  • How your peers are tackling climate risks

  • The cost of not transitioning in time

  • How scenario analysis can help prepare for the future as climate hazards increase and the energy transition progresses

1 FMA publishes scenario analysis information sheet for Climate Related Disclosures regime | Financial Markets Authority

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S&P Global Contributor
Dianna Enlund is an ESG Solutions Director, for S&P Global Sustainable1. She is responsible for the Australia and New Zealand region, working with clients to identify solutions for the integration of ESG data and analytics into reporting and workflows. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Prerna leads the global market strategy for our Climate and ESG-linked Credit & Risk Solutions. Prerna has worked extensively across topics of climate change, climate scenario analysis and climate risk management. Full Bio
S&P Global Contributor
Jasleen Uppal holds 14+ years of experience in the fields of financial risk analytics and quantitative modelling. Full Bio

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