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You can’t fix what you can’t measure.

Climate Week 2022

S&P Global Sustainable1 is advancing the conversation on transitioning to a more equitable, sustainable future.

As Climate Week sets the stage for progress with global leaders from business, government, and the climate community, S&P Global Sustainable1 brings together thinkers and doers to press hard on the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our teams will be participating in live and virtual events, producing podcast episodes, and offering written insights leading up to, during, and after Climate Week – all focused on the opportunity to build a better, more prosperous, future, aligned to global sustainability goals.

Climate Week Conversations

In-person Events


Join executives and thought leaders to hear their views on where the next opportunities lie and their vision of the future.


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Our Insights

In this episode of ESG Insider, we talk with one of the lead authors of the IPCC report, Dr. Edward Carr, who is also Director of the International Development, Community and Environment Department at Clark University. He was a lead author of the chapter in the IPCC report about climate resilient development pathways, which outlines the role companies and investors can play in adaptation.

  • Third-Quarter 2022 Edition: Turning Climate Goals into Action Sustainability Quarterly

    In this issue, we turn our attention to the topic of climate change as Climate Week begins in New York. Climate Week NYC is all about moving from ambitions to actions. In these pages you’ll find powerful, perceptive commentary about important climate-related issues impacting companies, countries and investors.

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  • European Central Bank’s Climate Risk Stress Testing: The Need to Address Shortfalls

    The results of the European Central Bank (ECB) climate risk stress test published in July 2022 show that banks have not yet sufficiently incorporated climate risk into their stress-testing frameworks and internal models, despite some progress made since 2020.

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  • A quick-start guide to ESG data collection for private equity investors

    Demand for reliable environmental, social and governance (ESG) data and reporting is accelerating worldwide.

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  • Visualizing 2005-2021 US CO2 emissions as 2022 developments give coal a lifeline

    CO2 emissions by U.S. utilities are down significantly since 2005, arguably aligning with long-term reduction goals to address climate change.

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  • Planned projects double US renewables generation output

    Renewable energy production in the U.S. is poised to double by the mid-2020s based on an analysis of currently operating and planned capacity.

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  • Global Clean Energy Procurement Market Briefing: June 2022

    This quarterly market briefing presents key insights into the clean energy procurement (CEP) deals by corporates in the first quarter of the year. The first quarter of 2022 recorded about 10 GW of renewable procurement deals by corporates globally, resulting in the highest volume of deals in a quarter historically.

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  • Voluntary carbon markets: how they work, how they’re priced and who’s involved

    2021 will probably be remembered as the year when carbon finance emerged as a talking point among a wide range of industries. Among the 2021 new entrants in voluntary carbon markets, oil and gas majors, hedge funds and banks were heard as the most active players, resolutely taking positions in the market.

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  • Delivering Robust Climate Dashboards: Helping Banks Address Important Climate-Related Risks

    Despite growing engagement by banks and their Boards of Directors with respect to climate change, initial supervisory banking assessment reports show that banks still have some way to go before they are adequately addressing climate risks.

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  • Sustainable private equity investing in the digital infrastructure industry

    Given the rapid digital transformation of the global economy, private equity funds such as KKR & Co. Inc. and Blackstone Inc. are increasingly targeting the data center industry as an investment segment capable of generating above-average revenue and capital gains.

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