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Leading products enrich
The client experience

S&P Global’s product ecosystem serves institutional investors, corporate finance professionals, supply chain managers, retail car buyers and sellers, and many other customers.

We have top brands in credit and commodities markets, in the mobility sector, in indexing, and in financial data discovery.

Over the last year we’ve continued investing in innovation and strategic initiatives that are designed to create new products or enhance existing ones to best meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Read on to learn more about a few of our foremost products.

Exchange Traded
Derivatives Ecosystem

S&P Dow Jones Indices drives more liquid, efficient and transparent capital markets through leading Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETDs).

Gameday Order Monitor

Our enhanced order monitor platform offers best-in-class and comprehensive deal tracking for investor and syndicate orders, subscription levels, retail breakdown, real-time order tracking, investor analysis, subscription detail, and more.

Private Market
Valuation Services

Private Market Valuations provides a range of valuations solutions for Level 3 debt and equity investments, including independent valuations, assurance reviews, and valuation software solutions. Valuation approaches are based on the latest industry best practices and include full audit support and transparent reporting to streamline audit processes and regulatory drivers. Over 600 clients globally benefit from customizable and scalable solutions that are tailored to fit their valuation needs and easily integrate into workflows.

Enterprise EyeQ

Enterprise EyeQ is a cloud-based platform jointly developed by S&P Global Mobility and automotiveMastermind for automotive manufacturers and retailers. Our technology leverages data science to predict the ideal vehicle and incentive amount for each individual consumer to increase sales and optimize incentive spend.

Platts Connect

Platts Connect provides a single-entry point to a wealth of energy and commodity-related content from across Commodity Insights, including more than 15,000 daily price assessments, breaking news, research, fundamental data, forecasts, and customizable data analytics tools all accessed via an easy-touse navigation menu.



Ratings360® provides rated issuers with a holistic picture of their organization’s credit story—ratings, risk research and critical insights on one personalized dashboard. With the ability to benchmark ratings data and financials against peers, suppliers and counterparties—the platform unlocks an expansive wealth of information. Issuers can leverage our integrated rating request workflow capabilities or create hypothetical ‘what if’ scenarios via our credit scenario builder. Ratings360® has expanded, now introducing issuers to some of our leading products from across the S&P Global ecosystem. Ratings360® | Intelligence you can act on.