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Technology Powers
Innovation and Enhances
the Client Experience

S&P Global’s insights, data, benchmarks, and analytics can be seen across a wide range of leading products serving everyone from institutional investors to supply chain managers to retail car buyers and sellers.

We continue to invest in leading-edge technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, and data capabilities to accelerate the pace of innovation and speed the time it takes to launch new or enhanced products. Over years, and especially since completing the merger between S&P Global and IHS Markit, we have been leveraging the power of our brand and ecosystems where data, technology, and digitally-enabled people all come together to provide exciting growth opportunities for our customers and for our company.

Read on to learn more about some of our leading products.


iLEVEL is cloud-native and available on the web and on mobile devices, and includes a robust Excel integration


Over 700 leading alternative asset managers and institutional investors use our iLEVEL software solution to manage the flow of data and create a single source of truth. They get access to the industry’s latest technology and leading data expertise, with tools and services designed to help them make informed decisions and communicate transparently with investors, auditors, boards, and other stakeholders.

S&P Global Marketplace

In a time of heightened demand for data and solutions, the S&P Global Marketplace provides a modern discovery and evaluation experience for clients and prospects. Marketplace offers an integrated way for clients to explore the vast offerings across S&P Global, along with Sustainable1 and Kensho, and select third-party partners. Dataset tiles are supplemented with visualizations, sample data, research, technical documentation, and a multi-faceted query library to enable quick utilization. Marketplace is expanded through Workbench, a secure cloud-based environment that allows clients to evaluate and trial data utilizing modern coding technologies, such as Python and R, with access to our proprietary library of analytical notebooks.

One year after close of the merger with IHS Markit, more than 25% of the 200+ tiles represent datasets and solutions originated from IHS Markit – demonstrating our expanded breadth and depth. With over 200,000 users and 2.4 million tile views in 2022, Marketplace makes it easier for clients to benefit from the full estate of S&P Global offerings.

Global Marketplace


Ratings360® provides rated issuers with a holistic picture of their organization’s credit story – ratings, risk research and critical insights on one personalized dashboard.

Climanomics Real Assets: Physical Risk
SaaS solution

Climanomics is a SaaS solution that helps customers analyze the financial impact of climate risks on real assets in their portfolios, operations, and supply chains using client data inputs and proprietary analytics.


S&P Dow Jones Indices has the most liquid products in the market that are traded on our indices.

Liquid Index Ecosystems


The ecosystems of investable and tradable instruments built around S&P DJI indices are the most liquid in the world, across both equity and fixed income. Our ecosystem’s unmatched liquidity fosters greater market efficiency, transparency and investor confidence.

S&P Dow Jones’ products serve as the underlying indices for passive investable products (such as ETFs and passive mutual funds) and trading and hedging vehicles (like exchanged traded and OTC derivatives) and structured products.

Platts Dimensions Pro

One integrated view of Platts proprietary price benchmarks, news, fundamentals data, forecasts, and supply chain dynamics are designed to help you break through a new dimension.


Energy Studio: Impact

‘Energy Studio: Impact’ is a web-based platform that transforms big data into real-time energy analytics across the entire energy value chain. It covers upstream, midstream, emissions, and commodity pricing datasets with Platts market-based forward curves. The platform helps geoscientists, engineers, asset managers, and financial analysts to make commercial decisions faster.


CARFAX has the most comprehensive vehicle history database available in North America. In fact, millions of consumers trust CARFAX to provide them with vehicle history information every year. CARFAX Vehicle History Reports™ are available on all used cars and light trucks from model year 1981.