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Offshore driller Kosmos Energy sheds frontier assets, weighs carbon intensity to confront energy transition

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Listen: Offshore driller Kosmos Energy sheds frontier assets, weighs carbon intensity to confront energy transition

Global oil demand will still be significant for years, even under the most ambitious energy transition. So which basins will continue to produce, and which others will be abandoned?

Offshore E&P company Kosmos Energy has answered those questions by halting its frontier exploration and selling those assets in the past two years. Its oil portfolio is now focused on two areas: West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico, and it aims to increasingly shift to natural gas.

Senior editor Meghan Gordon spoke with Mike Anderson, senior vice president for external affairs and sustainability at Kosmos Energy.

They talked about how offshore drillers are confronting the energy transition, the carbon intensity of different crude streams and the implications for the lack of investment happening right in the Gulf of Mexico.

They also looked at the energy disparity between developed and developing countries, and how world leaders might approach those tensions at COP26 in November.

Stick around for Starr Spencer with the Market Minute, a look at near-term oil market drivers.

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