Executive Creative Director, S&P Global
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, S&P Global Market

Working at S&P Global Platts feels like being in a small company with big company ideas.

Demos, Business Development Manager
Women's Initiative for Networking and Success
Black Organization for Leadership & Development
Asian Professionals for Excellence
Recognizing Employees of All Abilities, Celebrate and Harness
Business Development Manager, S&P Global Platts

The amount of international travel that I have been able to do - learning to understand different cultures, different investing habits, and different markets is one part of my job I've really enjoyed.

Alka, Managing Director
Learning, Empowering & Accelerating Digital
Nurturing and Excelling Together
Lead Analytical Manager, U.S. Public Finance Infrastructure Group, S&P Global Ratings
Hispanic and Latino Professionals
Managing Director and Head of Equities Product Management, S&P Dow Jones