Research & Commentary

We always have to know ‘why’ – perhaps that’s what makes our research the best in the business.

Every day, our industry-influencing researchers gather, analyze and connect vast amounts of industry data, but that’s just the start—we’re always thinking about how to shed more light and understand the “why” behind each number. The breadth and depth of our research is unmatched—from award-winning research teams that provide current data, perspectives, and reports on trends that shape the financial landscape to market specialists reporting on every aspect of the energy and commodities industry.

Bringing Clarity to Complex Systems

We provide breaking news, exclusive reporting, sector-focused commentary and blogs on numerous industries including banking and financial services, energy, insurance, media and communications, metals and mining, and real estate. Our sector-focused expertise and institutional knowledge offer relevant and timely insights on events and trends that set the world in motion.

Transforming Raw Data Points into Real Insight

We go to great lengths to uncover the story behind the story and provide deep analysis of the cause and effect. Through our market commentary, we help identify patterns and trends in regional markets and keep track of major developments, competitors, supply and demand, market dynamics, and regulatory issues. Our award-winning research team conducts in-depth analysis of performance and characteristics to publish a wealth of research and commentary that deliver insight on the behavior of the markets.