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Our essential intelligence powers inclusive sustainable economies and thriving global communities.

At S&P Global, Corporate Responsibility is more than philanthropy—it’s making a real difference by finding the essential connections between our skills and the needs of society. We develop and deliver essential intelligence. Data and analytics meet strategic insight, in-depth research and trusted benchmarks, so that companies, governments, and individuals can make decisions with conviction. This same drive for relevance shapes our approach to corporate responsibility, and is integral to how we live our values of Integrity, Excellence and Relevance. It’s how we use our skills and capabilities to make meaningful change.


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"In everything we do, we aim to contribute to society and our communities."

Equip the global workforce with essential STEM and digital skills.

Competition is fierce in today’s job market—but millions of jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are going unfilled. To help close the STEM job gap, we assist underserved people, including women, minorities, immigrants and low-income youth, to gain the essential skills today’s economy demands. In addition, S&P Global employees continue to share their skills with the next generation by mentoring U.S. high school students from diverse backgrounds.

How we develop essential technology skills:

The Global Skills Gap
  • 5 Million

    Unfilled technology and finance positions in the U.S. alone, according to TechHire Initiative

  • 85%

    Of Fortune 500 organizations are unable to effectively exploit big data, according to Gartner

  • 62%

    Of UK finance professionals believe a skills gap affects their industry, according to MathWorks

Integrate ESG in the financial markets to promote sustainable investments and businesses.

Our comprehensive view of ESG throughout global markets provides companies, financial institutions and governments with financially relevant analytics and timely data to assess risk, uncover opportunities and inform long term sustainable growth. We decrease our own environmental footprint by operating with sustainability in mind.


The Growing Sustainable Investment Market
  • $8.7 Trillion

    U.S. sustainable investments in 2016, up 33% from 2014

  • 93%

    Of that 8.7 trillion was made up of ESG-related investments

  • $22.89 Trillion

    Global sustainable investments in 2016, up 25% from 2014

Expand economic opportunities for the underserved and support advancement for women.

A thriving economy -- growing, sustainable and stable -- must also be an inclusive economy. Economies should function for all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or gender. At S&P Global, we believe an investment in women is an investment in us all.

I have learned that you have to be willing to take charge, to be proactive and even a bit fearless.

Supporting Budding Entrepreneurs with MicroMentor

When women in business support each other, economies grow. That’s why S&P Global partners with MicroMentor , a growing online community of entrepreneurs and volunteer mentors. With support from Women's Initiative for Networking and Success, our employees volunteer their skills and talents to support budding women entrepreneurs in the U.S. and around the world. MicroMentor’s results are impressive. A recent survey showed that mentored entrepreneurs increased their revenue by 83%. Non-mentored entrepreneurs reported a 16% growth in revenue.


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