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The ESG Risk Atlas: Sector And Regional Rationales And Scores

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The ESG Risk Atlas: Sector And Regional Rationales And Scores

What Is The ESG Risk Atlas?

May. 13 2019 — S&P Global Ratings has created the ESG Risk Atlas to provide a view of relative environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks we see around the world. The Atlas, which takes the form of an online infographic, reflects our observations about various ESG risks that different sectors and geographies face.

The Atlas comprises a Sector Risk and a Country Risk component. Sector Risk highlights the relative environmental and social exposures of a comprehensive range of business sectors. Country Risk considers corporate governance standards, regulations, and exposure to natural disasters in various countries or regions.

Leveraging our global reach, we have combined insights from our credit analysts located worldwide and from public assessments (such as those from the U.N.-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, World Bank, World Health Organization, and Transparency International) to develop our ESG risk profiles for each sector and region.

What Can It Do?

The Regional Risk component of the Risk Atlas highlights our view about the relative risk exposure of countries and regions to natural disasters and the relative quality of corporate governance standards, while drawing on our analytical opinions and public assessments about the strength of ESG-related regulations. The Risk Atlas ranks countries and regions on a scale of 1-6 for corporate governance, with a score closer to 1 representing relatively stronger standards.

The Sector Risk component of the Risk Atlas combines our analysis of a sector's exposure to environmental and social risk. In environmental risk, we include factors such as inherent exposure to land and water use, manufacturing footprint, and packaging. Social risk, meanwhile, comprises factors including human capital and safety management. The Risk Atlas includes a final sector risk score on a scale of 1-6, with a score closer to 1 representing a relatively low exposure.

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