Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility at S&P Global is Essential.

At S&P Global Corporate Responsibility (CR) is about leveraging the tremendous data & analytics capabilities of our products and people to address major social and economic barriers.

Our Strategy: Creating Opportunity, Building Community
Conducting business with integrity, excellence and relevance is the hallmark of our Company and is the foundation for our CR strategy. S&P Global’s CR strategy draws on insights and feedback from executives and internal employee focus groups as well as input from our external partners and stakeholders; and aligns with our corporate objective to promote sustainable financial growth.

Our Mission - To build more inclusive and sustainable economies and communities through our people, products and partnerships.

The CR strategy leverages our four primary assets: thought leadership, philanthropy, products & services, and our employees; and focuses on issues most material to our business. The aim of our CR strategy is to deliver value to investors, customers, employees and communities, while making wise use of natural resources; treating people fairly and making an overall positive contribution to society.

Our commitment to promote economic growth and sustainable communities rests on three pillars:

1. Elevate People

There are millions of jobs in tech and finance that remain unfilled, resulting in lost opportunity for innovation and economic growth.

S&P Global is committed to promoting and accelerating skills-development in our markets.

2. Promote Sustainability

People seek to engage markets in a way that promotes long-term sustainability while also offering a solid financial return.

Through our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) products and services, and by proactively minimizing our own environmental footprint, we promote sustainability and mitigate risk.

3. Support Women Entrepreneurs

We know that around the world women entrepreneurs face barriers, from accessing capital to confronting gender bias. 

We are committed to leveraging our data & analytics to break down barriers faced by women entrepreneurs.

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