Credit Ratings

An objective view is essential when it comes to evaluating risk and potential performance.

S&P Global Ratings’ credit ratings are our forward-looking opinions about creditworthiness—the ability and willingness of issuers, such as corporations or governments, to meet their financial obligations in full and on time. When making investment decisions, investors and other market participants use our ratings as an input to help them match the relative credit risk of a debt issue with their own risk tolerance. Our credit ratings, research and insights support growth and transparency in the capital markets and help market participants and investors make educated, confident decisions. We regularly update and refine our processes to reinforce our ongoing commitment to transparency and integrity. And we’re credited for continually investing in systems, analytics, and training and regularly assessing our ratings methodologies to keep pace with the changing world for the benefit of investors, issuers and markets.


More than 1 million credit
ratings outstanding


Par value of outstanding ratings
is $46.3 trillion
Global perspective with local insight

With a presence in 28 countries around the world, our analysts, managers and economists are busy assessing the factors and trends that affect creditworthiness. Our professionals engage in frequent dialogue with senior managers and industry leaders, and our analyses cover areas ranging from the state of a local enterprise and its industry position, to the economic health of regions across the globe.

Issuers, intermediaries and investors seek out our ratings

Investors can use our ratings to help them assess creditworthiness, compare different issuers and debt issues, supplement their own credit analysis, and meet investment guidelines. Issuers might use our ratings as tools to help them access the debt capital markets, widen the pool of potential investors, and negotiate terms with banks and other counterparties. And investment bankers may use our ratings to help facilitate the flow of capital from investors to issuers.