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Progress starts with our people.

We believe a business can’t reach its full potential until it puts people first. If you want to do great work that has real impact, you need energized, thriving employees. But how does that look in practice? Reimagined incentives, easily available performance coaching, and greater mobility within organizations. It’s also critical to allow for the flex time, family care and personal wellbeing that renew people and help them shine.

Essential Intelligence.
Enduring Relevance.

Across S&P Global, we focus on providing our customers with the essential intelligence they need to make critical decisions with conviction. To do this, generation after generation, we remain agile, continually adapting to ever-shifting global market complexities, providing our customers with transparency and trusted financial information since 1860.

Increasingly Vital. Never more relevant.

We’re known for essential intelligence–and never has it been more urgent than today to quickly possess the right information to make a confident decision. With unprecedented reach, our rich data sets, powerful analytics, independent benchmarks and actionable ESG measurements continue to bring clarity and transparency to capital and commodity markets in every corner of the world.

Growth and Value –with a purpose.

Strong, steady growth doesn’t just happen. At S&P Global, we are purpose-led. Our customer-first mentality, persistent ingenuity and agile ethos deliver consistent, year-over-year growth and value. We align with powerful trends, expand into promising new markets and, through strategic acquisitions, add complementary capabilities across the portfolio–all while consistently improving customer experience, brand awareness and shareholder performance.

Essential Intelligence is Sustainable Intelligence.

When it comes to sustainability, S&P Global has a vital part to play–for our business and that of our customers. While we work to create long-term growth, we also recognize the power and influence of our ESG data, as well as our global role in accelerating a low-carbon, inclusive economy. So when we harness the intelligence of our diverse employees, products and services, we promote a sustainable, equitable future not just for some, but for all.

Powering Innovation.

S&P Global designs every investment in technology to upskill our employees and enrich our customers’ experience. With advanced technologies in areas such as AI, data science and robotic process automation, we’re able to innovate, creating new tools and opportunities to tackle big data challenges and successfully navigate complex, rapidly changing business environments.

S&P Global + IHS Markit. Powering the markets of the future.

The merger of S&P Global with IHS Markit could not be more relevant. Once the merger is complete, S&P Global will become the intelligence leader in ESG, climate and energy transition. While our customers will continue to leverage S&P Global’s renowned leadership in credit ratings, benchmarks, deep data, insights and analytics, they’ll also be able to maximize IHS Markit’s expertise in connecting data across variables for a richer, more highly integrated view of their world. As Wall Street’s biggest merger of 2020, and with such unprecedented expansion in skill and scale, S&P Global is uniquely positioned to power the markets of the future.