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Corporate Responsibility — 4 Jun, 2021

Working to Close the Gender Wealth Gap

At the core of our Corporate Responsibility strategy is the belief that all people should have the opportunity to contribute to and share in the rewards of economic growth.  We support a broad range of organizations and programs that seek to break down existing barriers to give underserved groups the chance to fully participate in the economy. Our partners include Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap (CWWG), a U.S. initiative to expand wealth-building opportunities for low-income women, women of color, LGBTQ+ and other economically vulnerable women.

Our support has provided CWWG with resources to increase organizational capacity and release important new research, including On the Margins: Economic Security for Women of Color Through the Coronavirus Crisis and Beyond. This report highlights the urgent economic challenges facing women of color, who were largely without the financial reserves to weather a job loss or economic crisis even before the pandemic. 

We are also collaborating with CWWG to advance diversity in the technology sector. “As we evaluate wealth creation strategies, helping women of color move into tech jobs is a critical path forward,” said Carolyn Cavicchio, VP, S&P Global Foundation.

In 2020, S&P Global hosted a forum with CWWG on diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. We are continuing to support the efforts of CWWG and other organizations to grow the pipeline of diverse candidates for technology jobs.

“Our partnership with the S&P Global Foundation has added tremendous value to our work on several fronts,” said Heather McCulloch, Founder and Executive Director of Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap. “The active engagement of S&P Global staff in our national meetings, national and working group calls, and one-on-one conversations is helping CWWG network members to learn from S&P Global’s research, understand the perspective and priorities of private sector leaders, and build new connections. The partnership is helping us to lift up the causes and effects of the gender wealth gap to a broader audience.”