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Business Relationships

Business relationships between public companies, subsidiaries and private companies that issue debt in public transactions.

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Banking Essentials

With the impact of COVID-19, financial firms must constantly assess and adjust their business continuation plans. Explore our news, data, analytics, and web-based/mobile tools to give you the essential intelligence you need.

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S&P Global Ratings

Leveraged Finance & CLOs Essentials

With hundreds of credit rating analysts on the S&P Global Ratings CLO, corporate, and loan recovery ratings teams, our collateralized loan obligation ratings are built on a foundation of asset-specific analysis. Our CLO analysis responds to shifting conditions in the loan market, whether it’s in the credit profile of the companies issuing the loans or in the loans themselves. Our opinions and credit risk research add new insights about this sector, allowing market participants to make more informed business and investment decisions.

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