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Russell Roundtree

VP of Engineering and Geoscience

Dr. Russell Roundtree, VP of Engineering and Geoscience, joins IHS Markit after working for years at Noble Energy.

Prior to his employment with an Operator he was the CTO at LMKR guiding the GeoGraphix product line into the Unconventional focus they now embrace. He has worked North American Unconventionals as well as several roles in Latin America over the years for both Landmark Graphics and Halliburton. He is an accomplished geophysicist, petrophysicist and has a PhD in Petroleum Engineering. His research interests span hydraulic fracturing, geomechanics, and data science. He has joined S&P Global with an explicit responsibility to make the technology portfolio fully integrated and dedicated to providing the most efficient, easiest to use, and highest value technology suite in the industry. Creating the fit-for-purpose solutions based on a deep understanding of our customer business needs requires that we both communicate our internal position and strategic vision, but is also demands that customer relationships get built and we get exposed to the needs of our customers so that we can build the tools to meet those. Dr. Roundtree looks forward to meeting your senior management to present the technological vision of S&P Global and gather the specific knowledge needed for S&P Global to provide the best solution options for the upstream oil and gas industry.