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Agnieszka Maciejewska, M.A.

Associate Director, Models & Scenarios, Global Intelligence & Analytics

Agnieszka Maciejewska manages the Maritime & Trade GTA Forecasting team within S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Agnieszka is managing GTAS Forecasting team, which is creating bilateral trade forecast and team of analysts responsible for updating macroeconomic Global Link Model. Agnieszka is focused on most recent trends in trade and trade pattern changes. She is contributing to supply chain analysis in reports, articles, conferences and webinars. Agnieszka works on development of the S&P Global Global Link Model, which is the most comprehensive global macroeconomic model commercially available. Designed for forecasting and scenario planning, it links individual country models with each other and with key global drivers of performance.

Agnieszka holds a Master of Arts in international trade from University of Gdansk, Faculty of Economics where she also completed doctoral studies.