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S&P Global Commodity Insights

James Ewert

Associate Director, Technical Research

James Ewert, is a technical expert and instructor of rate transient analysis for S&P Global Commodity Insights

James has led numerous courses in both Canada and the United States for a range of clients from major producers to consulting firms. He has become most well-known for his research and workflow development in analyzing high water cut Permian wells using multiphase methods. James joined the company as part of the 2013 acquisition of Fekete Associates. Previously, he served as an oil and gas operations officer for the Yukon Territorial Government, ensuring fulfillment of facility and reservoir engineering functions mandated by the Yukon Oil and Gas Act.

James earned his bachelor's degree in engineering from Carleton University, Canada, and his master's degree in engineering from the Harold Vance department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M, United States.