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S&P Global Commodity Insights

David Crisostomo

Director, Gas, Power, and Energy Futures

David Crisostomo, director with the Gas, Power, and Energy Futures team at S&P Global Commodity Insights, is an expert in Mexican gas and power markets.

David's research and analysis includes gas and electricity market fundamentals, modeling, regulatory framework analysis, and implications for business opportunities. His research has included natural gas transportation studies, distributed power potential in Mexico and Latin America, power generation and transmission investment opportunities, asset valuations, and the analysis of operational and investment strategies for utilities, financial institutions, and other market participants. Before joining S&P Global, David was at Iberdrola Spain, where he developed a power dispatch tool for the Spanish market, and prior to Iberdrola, he worked at ABB.

He holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, a Master of Science from the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, and a Master of the Electricity Sector from the Pontifical University Comillas in Madrid, Spain.