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S&P Global Market Intelligence

Ravi Amin

Trade Compliance Subject Matter Expert, Maritime, Trade & Supply Chain

Ravi Amin is a trade compliance subject matter expert within the Maritime, Trade & Supply Chain division of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Ravi is responsible for providing expertise, knowledge and valuable insight to customers, helping them to reduce global supply chain risk, and provide transparency in the Maritime and Trade sector through incorporating in-depth risk and compliance procedures. Ravi has more than 7 years' industry experience in relation to trade finance compliance, covering global sanctions compliance, regional export control regulation including dual-use and military goods and vessel compliance covering sanctions and behavioural analytics to name a few. He has provided comprehensive trade compliance knowledge to multiple clients including trade finance banks and freight forwarders across North America, the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe.

Ravi has a background working in trade finance compliance, where he previously was pivotal in the innovation and building of risk monitoring products fit for multiple industries, including the financial and transport industries. He has also written several whitepapers; examples include: the impact of expansive sanctions on financial institutions in relation to trade finance compliance, the expectations of parties within the global supply chain following extensive amendments to goods classifications and, analysing whether the trade finance and global supply chain industries are equipped to manage sanctions screening for complex military and dual-use goods technologies.

Ravi holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from City, University of London, United Kingdom.