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An objective view to help you evaluate risk and potential performance.


  • Insights That Drive Opportunities

"We regularly evolve our processes and innovate our approaches to bring cut-through clarity to investors, issuers and the global capital markets."

Timely, in-depth analysis that enables issuers and investors decisions to take shape.

  • S&P Global Ratings’ integrated credit ratings, risk research & critical insights is essential to translating complexity into clarity so market participants can make decisions with conviction.

  • With RatingsDirect®, we help you research, chart, and analyze credit performance and trends across industries, companies, and securities across the globe.

  • CRISIL is India's leading full-service rating agency, providing a globally unique and affordable rating service for SMEs.

By The Numbers
  • 1 Million+

    More than 1 million credit ratings outstanding

  • $47 Trillion

    Par value of outstanding ratings

Essential Intelligence for a changing world.

With our global footprint, years of experience & breadth of capabilities, we’re here to help you form a clear picture of the world’s markets so you can make decisions with conviction.

Research & Commentary

Insightful and actionable perspectives on events shaping the ever-changing financial and commodity landscape.

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Key economic benchmarks that provide transparency across global credit, debt, equity and commodities markets.

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Data & Analytics

Robust data & analytics to uncover connections, understand global trends & pinpoint essential information.

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