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Powering the Markets of the Future is the way S&P Global expresses its long-term strategy. This management framework is supported by six foundational capabilities—global, customer orientation, technology, innovation, operational excellence and people. Each one is critical to our future success.


We see long-term growth opportunities as global trade flows grow and as capital markets open up.

China represents an excellent example of planning for the future with a global focus, despite ongoing U.S.-China trade tensions today.


In Focus

  • - Revenue from outside the U.S. grew 4% in 2018.

  • - China is the third-largest bond market in the world.

  • - The Chinese government recently decided to remove foreign ownership restrictions on credit rating agencies.

  • - S&P Global Ratings recently received first-of-its-kind approval to enter China's domestic bond market. 

  • - First approval for a company wholly owned by an international CRA to rate domestic Chinese bonds. 

  • - Authorized to rate issuers and issuances from: 
    • - Financial institutions 
    • - Corporates 
    • - Structured finance bonds 
    • - Renminbi denominated bonds 

Customer Orientation

Over the last few years, we've brought even more focus to how we serve customers across capital and commodities markets. That work continues.
  • S&P Dow Jones CEO Alex Matturri delivers remarks at S&P Dow Jones Indices 10th Annual Japan ETF Conference in Tokyo. The event is the largest ETF conference in Asia.

In Focus

  • - Last year we formed an Editorial Council. This cross-divisional effort will foster stronger internal teamwork, innovation, deeper market insights and accelerate our ability to deliver greater value to our customers.

  • - Hosted our first enterprise-wide Commercial Leadership Conference. 


New and emerging technologies are allowing our employees to get creative in the ways we serve customers.

Leveraging technology, we have added new capabilities in all of our four divisions. For example, AI and technology professionals are enhancing the predictive distress models at S&P Global Ratings and working with S&P Global Platts to apply AI and machine learning techniques to the collection and examination of market data used in our price assessments.

In Focus

  • - We more than doubled our technology investment in “change the business” initiatives.

  • - Acquired Panjiva and Kensho in 2018.

  • - Released new search capability on the Market Intelligence platform to improve keyword and topic search.


Technology and the growing needs of our customers are driving innovation at S&P Global.

S&P Global Platts’ blockchain network allows market participants to submit weekly inventory oil storage data to the Fujairah Oil Industry Zone—the host of the Middle East’s largest commercial storage capacity for refined oil products—and the local regulator. This represents a significant upgrade to the speed and security of what had been manual, email driven processes, and it is the foundation for more frictionless commodities trading and financing in the future.

  • Martin Fraenkel ,President of S&P Global Platts, is joined by (from left to right): H.E. Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei, UAE Minister of Energy & Industry and 2018 President of OPEC Conference; H.H. Sheikh Rashed Bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Deputy Chairman, Fujairah Oil Industry Zone and H.E. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources, Arab Republic of Egypt.

In Focus

  • - S&P Global established a rapid innovation group to help identify breakthrough projects in which it should invest.

  • - In 2018, S&P Global introduced an evaluation tool capable of aligning customers’ ESG strategies with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

  • - The Government Pension Investment Fund for Japan selected two of our new carbon-efficient indices as the benchmarks for its ESG investment strategy.

Operational Excellence

High-quality operations are essential to our ability to Power the Markets of the Future

Data, technology, risk and compliance all come together to form the backbone necessary to operate effectively, reliably and consistently. How do we do that? Bringing an Agile framework, leveraging Lean methodologies and employing automation are a few ways, always anchored by the tone at the top.

  • Three hundred Agile teams are working across S&P Global. These teams plus other initiatives are helping us achieve our productivity goals.

In Focus

  • - We are finding many places where we can hand off logic-based, repetitive work to robots to free up our people to do more critical thinking and higher-value tasks. 

  • - Operational Excellence also means we maintain our ongoing commitment to our robust risk, internal control and compliance culture. 


Our employees are the foundation of everything we do and every day they exemplify our core values of relevance, integrity and excellence.

Empowering employees to enable faster and decentralized decision making, introducing progressive benefits and making diversity inclusion an even higher priority demonstrate what it means to put our people first.

  • Others are taking notice of our progress. Recently, Bloomberg, Forbes and Fortune acknowledged our advancements in culture and performance.

In Focus

  • - We’re focused on making sure we recruit and develop people with the technology skills we need to succeed. Last year our employees participated in a learning program called EssentialTECH to give them foundational knowledge of all elements of technology.

  • - We launched a Data Science Academy, which provides a multidisciplinary blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology education to those employees who want advanced, hands-on training.

Women, Work and Wealth

It’s not just our own people we’re supporting. Through our data, insights, philanthropic efforts and volunteerism, we’re taking steps to expand economic opportunities for the underserved and support advancement for women everywhere.

Earlier this year, we began a campaign to elevate the conversation globally about the important role women play in the workforce and economies. According to research we published last year, if the U.S. increases the number of women in the American labor force and thereby accelerates U.S. GDP, doing so will add $5.87 trillion to global market capitalization in 10 years. To advance this agenda, we also are leveraging the S&P Global Foundation to distribute grants to nonprofit partners committed to help women thrive in today’s economy.

In 2018, S&P Global Foundation awarded three grants of $100,000 each to The New York Women’s Foundation, Ms. Foundation for Women and Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap Initiative.   These grants–part of the Foundation’s Creating an Inclusive Economy program–were awarded following a panel discussion at S&P Global’s New York City headquarters that focused on the root causes of the wealth gap for women in the United States; strategies for closing the wealth gap, particularly for women and girls of color; and ways that both companies and individuals can play a role in addressing this critical problem.