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Each of our employees plays a vital role—uncovering the essential intelligence that our clients rely on day in and day out to make the decisions that matter. Our 20,000 employees come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe, but they are all committed to the exact same thing—making a genuine impact with the work that they do. 

S&P Global Values

  • Relevance

    We provide relevant solutions to our clients and bring passion and a thirst for knowledge in serving them.

  • Integrity

    We act with integrity. We are honest, transparent and accountable for our actions.

  • Excellence

    We pursue excellence in everything we do. We value results, encourage teamwork and embrace change.

Leadership Essentials

At S&P Global, we look for people who embody—and work to develop—these essential qualities:

  • Operate Outside-In

    We strive to anticipate our customers' future needs. An ideal candidate will always be one step ahead of the competition and eager to deliver our solutions to the clients and markets we serve.

  • Elevate People

    Our standards for people are high. We firmly believe that our employees should never stop growing, adapting and learning.

  • Adopt a Worldview

    At S&P Global, our employees are part of the global community. Members of our team must be able to collaborate across all boundaries.

  • Drive Performance

    Innovation has and always will be the key to our success. Our team thrives in the pursuit of excellence and undaunted in the face of adversity.

  • Speak the Truth

    In order to provide the most impactful data and insights to our clients, we need people who can operate independently and who aren’t afraid to voice a dissenting opinion.

  • Execute with Discipline

    We value individuals who can understand the complex and make it simple, who can lead the charge and create an easy, repeatable solution.

At S&P Global, we’re committed to equal opportunity employment.

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