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TMT: set the trend.

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications is in constant flux. Our TMT solutions combines proprietary data, news, and insights into an easy-to-use platform that will put your company ahead of the trends and allow you to set them.

Identify new markets. Enter with confidence.

Find out who your competitors are and what they know before you enter a new market. Arm yourself with the data and analysis on hundreds of thousands of companies globally. Measure the addressable market with 10-year projections by country, including subscriber growth and penetration. Evaluate the vendor-level adoption rates for technology within a specific geography.

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  • Analyze New Trends
  • Content Owners & Studios
  • Internet & OTT Players
  • Technology Vendors

We’re always thinking how to provide the best solutions for the TMT Industry.

The comprehensive coverage of our database allows you to stay up to date with real-time news including morning briefings of top news from the previous day; review disruptions from over-the-top (OTT) and other content creators using our interactive database including 1,300+ services.
Imagine the level of content access you will get with:

  • 3500+ Alternative and Proprietary Asset Level Metrics
  • 375+ Broker Contributions covering TMT
  • 50+ Seasoned TMT Industry Analysts
  • 2,225 Broadcast TV Stations
  • 500+ Pay-TV Operators
  • 375+ TV Networks

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Understand. Prioritize. Strategize.

Prioritize your content investment and distribution strategy by accessing world class data and analytics on the industry. Learn where your competitors sell their content, and study how your potential customers are currently working with your competitors to generate the perfect pitch. Understand the intricate dynamics of consumer behavior to fine tune your distribution plans.

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Got Data. Now what?

You have the latest TMT trends from the expert sources of S&P Global Market Intelligence. With an interactive OTT database, real-time news, and research we provide detailed perspective on the video ecosystem—including critical analysis of rapid market shifts and technologies that support the expansion of online video usage. With details on 1,300+ OTT services and supported devices globally, you can appraise pricing, service categories, and title level content libraries.

The ability to course correct your strategy on a dime by understanding consumer sentiment and behaviors towards emerging markets with proprietary industry surveys that will allow you to align your plans with ever-shifting consumer preferences.

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Identify new technology vendor opportunities.

Quickly identify new market opportunities when you dig in to technology vendor market-share data from around the world. Understand complex consumer behaviors with our industry survey data.

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Identify new markets. Explore our solutions.

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