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Standard-setting benchmarks for a steady view of rapidly changing markets.


"As a leading source of index-based innovation, data & research we bring independent and cost-effective solutions to the global investment community.'

Our benchmarks provide full market transparency for investors and market participants.

  • Our leading-edge index methodologies and research perspectives enable customers to confidently develop new product strategies and empower investors to make decisions with conviction.

  • Our market leading global pricing benchmarks have brought transparency to the global commodity markets for more than 100 years. We deliver more than 10,000 daily price assessments.

By The Numbers
  • 11.7T

    In global assets (USD) benchmarked and Indexed to our indices

  • #1

    Index provider based on the number of ETFs linked to our indices, and assets in these products

  • 4.2T

    In assets under management directly invested in products tied to our indices

  • 60%

    Of the world's total crude oil is estimated to be priced using Platts Dated Brent Price Assessment

Essential Intelligence for a changing world.

With our global footprint, years of experience & breadth of capabilities, we’re here to help you form a clear picture of the world’s markets so you can make decisions with conviction.

Research & Commentary

Insightful and actionable perspectives on events shaping the ever-changing financial and commodity landscape.


Data & Analytics

Robust data & analytics to uncover connections, understand global trends and pinpoint essential information.


Credit Ratings

Trusted global credit ratings to project creditworthiness and help investors make informed decisions.