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All the credit ratings data and insights you need on a powerful platform with a faster, reimagined user experience. Get a comprehensive view of credit risk with RatingsDirect® on S&P Capital IQ Pro.

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Reimagine your credit analysis workflow with RatingsDirect® on the S&P Capital IQ Pro platform.

As the official source for S&P Global Ratings credit ratings and research, RatingsDirect® combines this essential intelligence with comprehensive market data, credit risk indicators and dynamic visualization tools, all on a single platform. With an AI-powered integrated research and news recommendation service, as well as search function, you can quickly find insights on an issuer or topic of interest. Streamline your credit analysis workflow on our reimagined platform.


Get the whole credit story, faster

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The official source for S&P Global Ratings credit ratings and research

S&P Global Ratings is synonymous with quality credit ratings, deep analytical expertise, and insightful forward-looking opinions. With coverage of over 9,500 issuers and 79,000 securities* across the globe, that’s a lot of essential intelligence. With RatingsDirect®, you can tap into all the essentials, including:

  • Global, national, and regional scale credit ratings on issuer and issue level
  • Detailed research on issuer and issue level, economies, credit trends, hot topics and special reports
  • Credit research in local languages (Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish)
  • Credit adjusted Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flows

Conduct thorough credit analysis with holistic credit insights

Power your insights by accessing credit research and ratings data on issuers, issues, sectors, and markets using our screener tool and AI powered search.

  • Uncover an issuer’s credit story with its rating history, outlook, and potential drivers for upgrades/downgrades.
  • Differentiate between peers with the same credit rating by reviewing the underlying scores and factors behind the final credit rating, covering Banks, Insurance, Corporate and Sovereigns.

RatingsDirect® Pro Academy Certification

Complementary for our clients, online self-paced learning courses help you and your team quickly get the most out of your day, how to find and assimilate the credit ratings data and research you need.

Improved workflow tools including pre-built screens and Excel Add-in Templates.

We’ve made it easier than ever to spot the essential credit ratings data and research you need. Designed with user experience in mind, RatingsDirect® content is displayed on a new, simple, and clean layout.

Pre-built screens are ready for you to quickly search and spot rating changes, including tracking potential Fallen Angels and Rising Stars

Create customized push alerts to stay on top of critical changes so you can monitor counterparty exposures and monitor your portfolios.

Excel Add in allows you to create customized models, refreshed with a single click.

Pair RatingsDirect® insights with unrivaled breadth and depth of data on S&P Capital IQ Pro

Get next-level analysis with a powerful platform of data, including:

  • Private company and private markets data; news, and analytics; and supply chain intelligence via Panjiva.
  • Advanced visualization and discovery tools to help streamline your daily workflows, easily monitor markets and quickly find content with an intuitive, AI-powered search and recommendation service – helping you quickly find the insighst you need.

Transform your credit analysis workflow

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RatingsDirect® is the official desktop source for S&P Global Ratings.

Analyze credit performance and trends across industries, companies, and securities around the world. Access the essential ratings intelligence you need via RatingsDirect®, on our desktop platform, mobile apps, and Excel Plug-in.


A Central Bank Gains Market Intelligence to Support its Supervision and Stability Roles


An Export Credit Agency Leverages Credit Ratings and Industry Data to Minimize Unwanted Exposure


Discover a variety of issuer, sector, and macro research

Get a comprehensive view of your credit exposure

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*Data as of July 1, 2021