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Streamlined delivery of S&P Global Ratings data

Enhance your analysis with RatingsXpress®, one of the industry’s largest databases of current and historical credit ratings.

Bulk access to credit research from S&P Global Ratings for Textual Data Analysis


Build on your analysis with a deeper look at a company’s business, financial, industry and economic risk


Get actionable insights

Enrich your databases with access to a direct ratings feed straight from the source.

  • Benefits of a RatingsXpress subscription

  • RatingsXpress will help you to:

    • Develop back testing models
    • Conduct risk management benchmarks
    • Test investment policy guidelines
    • Perform analytical comparability
    • Identify relative value
    • Implement capital adequacy scenarios on user- defined criteria
    • Assess counterparty risk

Discover use cases for RatingsXpress.

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  • RatingsXpress Use Cases

  • Use cases for a RatingsXpress subscription include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • • Enterprise Risk Management
    • • Asset Liability Management
    • • Portfolio Management
    • • Investment Risk Management
    • • Pre- and Post-Trade Compliance
    • • Performance (Risk/Return) Measurement and Attribution
    • • Treasury Functions
    • • Investor Reporting
    • • Financial Statement Reporting
    • • Statutory and/or Regulatory Filings
    • • Search issuers and/or securities based on S&P Global Ratings data
    • • Storage of S&P Global Ratings data in a centralized location
    • • Further distribution/redistribution of S&P Global Ratings data
    • • Derived Content
    • • Marketing Materials
    • • Publication on websites

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