Platts cFlow

Gaining a transparent, deeper, richer understanding of today's waterborne commodity flows requires more than simply connecting the dots on a map. To complete the picture, you need to combine real-time vessel location information with many other sources of global fundamental and transactional data to give you the quality insight needed to reveal hidden opportunities and trends in the market which would otherwise go unobserved.

Platts cFlow is a trade flow analytics software. It helps you join up your trading ideas with current, granular vessel location and cargo information to monitor global volumetric trade flow activity to yield actionable, real-time trading and operational intelligence.


  • Make more informed decisions by observing and comparing past, current and future commodity flows to identify trends vs. anomalies
  • Spot opportunities from supply and demand imbalances resulting from volumetric changes of vessels and cargo movements
  • Track competitor activity monitoring fleets using state-of-the-art data visualization tools
  • Negotiate from a position of strength when chartering vessels – know what ships are available near a port
  • Plan and implement new strategies faster by being able to monitor ships once the cargo is on board; stay informed of changes with email notifications of vessel diversions and delays as well as location arrival/departure alerts and congestion reports
  • Add a real-time pulse to your trading models and strategies with quality vessel and cargo data
  • Export data for proprietary analysis and integration into systems
  • Collaborate and share ideas securely within your organization by adding proprietary notes by vessel or location


  • Superior satellite and terrestrial AIS data coverage
  • Over 60,000+ vessels tracked globally with positions updated every half hour
  • Historical data - monitor vessel and port activity dating back to 2010
  • Flexible filtering by vessel type and size.
  • Monitor activity for Dirty/Crude, Oil Products, LNG, LPG and Chemicals tankers and Iron Ore, Coal, Containers or Other Dry Bulk carriers from 5000 DWT and upwards
  • Zone analysis splits the waterborne commodity world into 12,000+ zones allowing vessel by vessel trade flow monitoring down to the jetty/berth level
  • Access to key shipping data in one place: S&P Global Platts bunker price assessments for key transport ports and hubs; tanker freight rates for global routes and zones; ship fixtures for clean and dirty tankers and coal carriers; latest and comprehensive vessel characteristic and ownership, port and assets (refinery) details
  • Robust algorithmic predictions of destination, ETA, laden status and volume
  • Access timely and quality waterborne export and import volume data for commodities by country
  • Know what is currently moving between supply and demand centers and allows you to identify and take advantage of potential shifts
  • Exclusive reports to help avoid demurrage and identify shifts volume to minimize additional costs and identify opportunities; port congestion summary, comprehensive region vessel history, volumetric zone to zone vessel flows, ship-to-ship transfers, status changes in the previous 24 hours, first sighting and many more delivered to your inbox as often as required
  • Convenient customization features - create your own vessel/location groups; add/share proprietary notes by vessel or port securely within your organization; monitor vessel status and be first to know about diversions with alerts