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Data That Delivers

Data has never been so abundantly available to aid business decision making. The companies that stand to gain the most are those that maximize their investments in data and analytics to drive quicker and more insightful business decisions.

Accelerate your journey from data to insight.

As you redefine your strategy following the initial shock waves from the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation has accelerated and the need for meaningful data and analytics is now greater than ever before. However, more data doesn’t always equate to greater insights. To provide you essential insight, 451 Research conducted a study inclusive of professionals from different industries and of different company sizes to hear first-hand the challenges and opportunities they are facing in regards to digital transformation and maximizing their data investment.

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  • 45%

    Of enterprise data is 'dark data' unused for analytics initiatives.

  • 54%

    Of a data analyst's time is spent finding and preparing data for analysis.

  • 31%

    Of organizations take six days or more to generate insights from raw data.

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Leverage differentiated data, robust solutions, and flexible delivery options from the S&P Global Marketplace to help you accelerate your journey from data to insight.

Differentiated Data

Robust Solutions

Flexible Delivery

S&P Global Marketplace

Your Discovery Tool for Differentiated Data and Robust Solutions.

Explore premium fundamental and alternative datasets available seamlessly via Cloud, Data Feed and API Solutions, along with expert analysis you won't find anywhere else.

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Whitepaper: Standardizing, Structuring and Linking - Solving Alternative Data Challenges

Quantamental Research

Now more than ever you need research that you can trust to help you navigate the evolving and uncertain environment of today’s world. Uncover actionable insights and utilize this cutting-edge research to help you generate new ideas.

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Query Library

Search a comprehensive library of pre-built queries designed to help you quickly maximize the value of our data offerings. For each query the library provides a brief description along with the data packages necessary to execute the query.

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Marketplace Workbench

The S&P Global Marketplace Workbench, a web-based notebook environment, enables you to test and experiment data from S&P Global and curated third-party providers. Utilize pre-built S&P Global notebooks, or build your own, to see first-hand the value of various datasets.

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Get Data that Delivers.


  • Migration to the Cloud
  • Portfolio Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Data Science & Predictive Analytics
  • Powering Your CRM
  • Automating Credit Risk Management
  • Digitizing ESG Solutions
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Streamline your data management with the cloud

As data from all sources, including both structured and unstructured data, becomes more readily available and the sheer size of data grows, the cloud has become an attractive option to many organizations. As you begin, continue, or finalize your cloud migration strategy to increase efficiencies we are here to help.

Many conventional data platforms and big data solutions struggle to deliver on their fundamental purpose: to enable any user to work with any data, without limits on scale, performance or flexibility.

Through Snowflake, you are able to directly access and query S&P Global and select third-party data ― eliminating the data ingestion process and significantly improving your productivity and efficiency. Snowflake’s database architecture, which separates storage and compute, results in queries being more efficient, granting more time for analysis.

Video: Executive Q&A - The benefits of S&P Global Data via Snowflake

Case Study: Putting S&P Global Data & Snowflake Into Action

Learn more about S&P Global data via Snowflake

Optimize your investment process

Data and analytics are the backbone of investment management strategies. And while asset managers have been quick to maximize their investments in big data, many have struggled to incorporate the increasing volume of big data at the velocity at which it needs to be processed for timely, actionable insights.

Our Data Management Solutions handle the extraction, transformation, and loading process for you, so you can spend more time on backtesting, modelling, and analysis. With standardized, pre-linked fundamental and alternative datasets, such as our growing suite of Textual Data and ESG Data, along with cutting-edge AI & Machine Learning solutions from Kensho, such as Kensho Scribe and Kensho NERD, you can optimize your investment process to generate alpha, uncover hidden investment opportunities, and assess risk.

Case Study: Searching for Alpha with Textual Data

Idea Generation: Read the latest Quantamental Research


Spend more time on what matters

Data is a critical element of any workflow, but collecting, storing, and processing data often involves time-consuming, manual processes. With our suite of Data Management Solutions, we handle the extraction and loading process for you — automating the download and management of data and enabling delivery at any frequency.

Increase productivity and efficiency with flexible delivery options straight into your dashboards, models, visualizations, CRM systems, and more. In combination with our leading AI & Machine Learning technologies, you can enhance existing processes to spend even less time managing your data. Whether you need to connect "messy" company data, enable speech-to-text transcription, or seamlessly link data by company, sector, and instrument — we’re here to help.

Case Study: Flexible Delivery Helps a Professional Services Firm Standardize & Enhance Its Analytics

Explore our traditional and curated alternative data to fuel your workflow


Access complete historical data and solutions to fuel your models

As the discipline of data science matures with machine learning, statistical research and data processing, the role of the data scientist has become more valuable than ever. However, we understand upwards of 50% of more of a data scientists’ time* is spent simply on extracting, transforming, and loading data.

To help you spend more time on analysis and model building, we provide rich historical data pre-scrubbed and indexed by our own data scientists through data feed, cloud and API solutions. This allows you to quickly ingest large volumes of data into your internal data warehouse, data lake, cloud instance or analysis tool of choice. Additionally, you can link S&P Global Market Intelligence data to internal datasets using broadly accepted company identifiers or leading AI and Machine Learning solutions from Kensho. Take advantage of our curated suite of alternative data to help you derive new insights for your business.

Explore our curated alternative data

Explore our leading traditional data

Find the data science solution right for you

*Source: 451 Research, Voice of the Enterprise: Data & Analytics, Data Platforms 2021.

Don't let dirty data drag you down

Digital transformation requires getting back to basics – including a clean and functional CRM system. With flexible delivery and linking solutions Cross Reference Services and Kensho Link, organizations can enhance user workflows with enriched records.

Whether it is determining the company hierarchy within a global conglomerate or creating a new prospecting list for sales outreach, users can leverage trusted data from S&P Global Market Intelligence to accentuate their own proprietary relationship information with company fundamentals, key developments, transactions, financials, supply chain data, and more. Our data feed, API, and cloud delivery options make it easy to ingest the data you need, and our CRM collaborations with Salesforce, Intapp, DealCloud, and more give you plug-and-play options to get users information they need quickly.

Infographic: CRM Solutions

Explore all our CRM Solutions

Adopt a streamlined workflow to quickly assess risks and opportunities

Quickly view the sources of risk and opportunity within your portfolio and maintain robust credit risk models with RatingsXpress®. As one of the industry’s largest databases of current and historical credit ratings, RatingsXpress also delivers digitized credit research, and historical scores and factors from S&P Global Ratings just the way you need them, through our flexible delivery channels.

In our new blog, we explore the ability to spot trends impacting credit ratings through text analysis of credit ratings research. See what we uncovered by searching for COVID-19 related-terms.

Looking for an on-demand solution for global counterparty credit risk analysis? Credit Analytics Enterprise Solutions provides a suite of cutting-edge analytical models, liquidity risk, limit setting, credit and probability of default scores that leverage a wealth of financial, market, and macroeconomic data to help you efficiently assess the credit risk of millions of companies worldwide. Get a comprehensive picture of your credit risk exposure with access to our powerful suite of risk analysis capabilities, fundamental and market data, all on a single customizable web platform, or consume all the same information via our WebServices solution.


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Data That Delivers: Automating the Credit Risk Workflow, on April 29th at 10.00 am ET | 3.00 pm GMT
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Directly implement ESG solutions into your models, systems, portals and more

Resource scarcity, climate change and population dynamics continuously shape a corporation’s competitive environment. With our comprehensive lens, deep expertise, and breadth of capabilities, we offer the ESG insights you need to discover long-term, sustainable growth.

Explore our climate and ESG datasets via data feed, cloud or API solutions

Case Study: Accessing ESG data via Xpressfeed™

See what matters – ESG

We’re here to help.