World Refinery Database

The World Refinery Database provides an in-depth, historical and forward-looking view of the global refining industry to help you understand evolving market dynamics and gain a competitive edge. Analyze specific refineries, or get a regional, national or global perspective with up-to-date- and historic information for every refinery in the world.


  • — Assess capacity and gain the fullest picture of production: analyze every possible element of capacity and perform forward looking analysis, with comprehensive data for every refinery in the world, going back to 1984
  • — Make informed trading and investment decisions: develop strategies to respond to planned and unplanned outages, and assess your competitors' relative positions with access to robust ownership and operator data
  • — Quickly access key metrics via our helpful dashboard, effortlessly integrate our data into your forecast models, understand the complex with our simplified flow diagrams, and access direct support from committed analysts.


  • — A comprehensive view of the full process flow, and access to outage, capacity, runs and yields data for crude and refined products
  • — A complete view of yields and strengthen your margins, with granular information at unit level and access to our analysts' considered views on capacity projects
  • — Historic and forward-looking ownership and capacity data which enables detailed company level mapping for every refinery in the world
  • — A single view by company, region or facility, with our dynamic dashboard which aggregates critical downstream data in one place
  • — Company, regional and national production, with robust yield data by refinery, which can be aggregated up to your chosen level of detail